Micah Z. Brodsky

PhD (MIT, 2014)

Industrial Interests

I am a technological frontiersman — a professional generalist. I tackle diverse problems through modeling, instrumentation, and software development. My habitat lies in between the disciplines, blazing a trail where best practices and specialties are not yet articulated and injecting creativity into stubborn problems that resist solution. I am available both for contract projects and long-term commitments.

Some application areas of particular interest:

Does this mean I only work on "weird" problems? Not at all! Creativity isn't simply a problem of high throughput generate-and-test, or even combinatorial chemistry of ideas... It's about discovering, mastering, and applying powerful heuristics about how systems work — about cleverly shaping your hypothesis generator to conquer the curse of dimensionality in the space of ideas. I thrive on important problems that demand multidisciplinary inspiration and multidisciplinary solutions.

Does your security team have someone well-versed in immunology? Does your cluster management team understand developmental biology? Does your hardware team know programming languages? Does your machine learning team know statistical mechanics? (I can help!)

I have a wide range of hands-on experience, from physics modeling to circuit design to kernel hacking to classical AI and scripting languages, with a touch of wet lab bio on the side, but technology changes fast. More important than any particular skill is the ability to learn quickly, to draw on general principles, to be ready pick up problems anywhere in the stack.


Industry teams I worked for pre-PhD:

(* Application Experience, in corporate-ese)