Deborah A. Wallach

I am a member of Professor Frans Kaashoek's group, Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems, at the MIT Lab for Computer Science.

Click here for a partial list of my publications.

I used to be a member of the Concurrent VLSI Architecture group with Professor William Dally in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where I worked on the J-Machine Project among other things.

My curriculum vitae is available here.

I can be reached via snail-mail at:
Room 520
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

After 12/18/96, I will be reachable at:
4735 Cowell Blvd., Apt 43
Davis, CA 95616
This is a temporary address only.

At one point, I could be found in Hamilton, with Hizzhonor, or some of his friends.

Currently, however, it's Execution Time for me. 1995-1996 season. 1994-1995 season. Our league.

My childhood figure skating lessons have finally come in useful.
(where my username is taken from)