First MIT Student Symposium on Computer Systems (SOCS)

January 24, 1997
NE43-518, MIT LCS, Cambridge, MA, USA

Neena Lyall, MIT, General Chair
Frans Kaashoek, MIT, Program Chair

Students in 6.853 are required to submit papers to the First SOCS describing original research related to the design, implementation, and analysis of computer systems. We encourage papers about systems issues on a wide range of platforms, including embedded and portable computers, workstations, high performance machines, and production environments. Preference will be given to papers of unusual novelty or unusual practicality, papers whose authors ensure replicable results (e.g., by making available source code), and papers critiquing prior work or continuing a significant research dialogue. We seek a broad conference of high relevance and high quality.

From the 22 papers submitted 14 papers have been selected for presentation. Each paper was reviewed by 4 students, and 3 program committees recommended 12 papers. From the recommended papers the program chair selected 14 papers.

The symposium is in NE43-518 on Friday, January 24, 1997. The format is 20 minutes per presentation (10 minutes presentation with 10 minutes discussion). Lunch will be provided by the program chair.

Session I: Active Networks, 10:30-11:30

Session I: Security and SEAs, 11:45-12:45

Lunch and demos, 12:45-1:15

Session III: Operating systems, networking, and architecture 1:15-2:45

Session IV: Distributed systems and applications, 3:00-4:30