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One-page progress report is due soon// Mock area-exam paper is due soon// ASPLOS is in town// Cool talk// Research proposal due// Student holiday// Who is enrolled in 6.853// First day of classes // How to enroll //

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Progress report due 11/6

On November 6 a one-page progress report on your research project due. The report should detail the current state of your project: what is implemented, what still needs to be implemented, what results have you obtained sofar, etc. Don't bother given a description of your project; just tell me where you stand. Remember that the final paper is due in a month.

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Mock-area exam paper is due on Oct. 16

The mock-area exam paper is due on Oct. 16. This paper should be maximally 5 pages and should contrast your reseach project with previous research. Your paper should address what the related research is, what the weaknesses in previous research is, and how your proposal will add to the area of research you are targetting. It should not be a "book review" style paper, but rather point out directions, opinions, flaws, etc.

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ASPLOS in town

The ASPLOS conference is happening from Oct. 1 though 5, and it is in Cambridge in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Check out the technical program and consider going. We are reading a number of papers in 6.853 that will be presented during this conference.

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Cool talk

Dr. Steve Deering
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
URL: http://sandbox.parc.xerox.com/deering/

DATE: Tuesday September 24,

TIME: 10:30 refreshments
11:00 seminar

PLACE: NE43-518

IPv6: The New Version of the Internet Protocol

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Research proposal

The 1-page research proposal is due Wednesday Sept. 16. Please, send me (kaashoek@lcs.mit.edu) a URL that points to your proposal. On top of your proposal include the names of your team members, including e-mail addresses.

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Student holiday

Monday 23rd is a student holiday. No classes. The reading schedule will move one class meeting. So, the SPIN paper is scheduled for Wednesday the 26th, etc. Handout 1 (the 6.853-at-a-glance) has been updated to reflect these changes.

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First day of classes

The first 6.853 class meeting is Wednesday September 4, 11:00-12:30, 37-186.

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How to enroll

Show up on the first day of class. Enrollment will be limited to 20-30 students.