Dawson Engler

Dawson Engler


I am a member of Frans Kaashoek's group, Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems. I spend a lot of my time hacking exokernels and dynamic code generation systems. I also work on the problem of pulling application-level semantics and control into compilers.

My curriculum vitae is available here.

I used to have a fetish involving oil, stages, and weights (since outgrown). This picture is from the 1991 Jr. California, a "drug-free-for-life" competition, where I finished 2nd. A reliance on the body's natural supply of androgenic aids combined with over-exuberant dieting translated into muscles only slightly larger than those of an olympic marathon runner.

Cool computer-related people and places.

Some Recent Papers

Exokernel Papers

Incorporating application semantics and control into compilation

The following papers discuss two dynamic code generation systems and a language designed to support high-level and efficient specification of dynamically generated code.

vcode: fast portable dynamic code generation

`C: a language for high-level, fast dynamic code generation


The following three papers discuss a network system built on top of the exokernel.

The following two papers were written when I was at University of Arizona