Jacob Strauss

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
32 Vassar Street, Room 32-G978
Cambridge, MA 02139
Jacob Strauss

Up until 2010 I was a a graduate student in the PDOS group at MIT CSAIL, where I worked on distributed systems, including networks, operating systems, and storage systems. Past projects include Eyo, a device transparent storage system that presents a single view of personal data collections, even from disconnected devices that cannot hold the entire collection locally, UIA, an overlay network that allows individuals to group devices by short readable names, and reach them regardless of their current network location, and Spruce (download code), an available bandwidth estimation tool. My CV.

I currently work at Amazon Web Services.


6.033 Spring 2013
6.033 Spring 2011
6.001 Fall 2007
6.090 IAP 2007
6.001 Spring 2006
6.033 Spring 2004
6.829 Fall 2002
6.001 Spring 2001

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