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This discussion group disbanded in the Fall of 2003. The archives will be preserved, but the mailing list is defunct. Send inquiries to Kevin Fu.

The Applied Security Reading Group at MIT's Lab for Computer Science conducts discussions on topics relevant to applied security. We consist primarily of students and faculty from the theory and systems groups.

To receive announcements of the group, send mail to [ba-leted]. In the Fall 2003 semester, we will plan to meet approximately every other week in room NE43-204 Mondays 4-5PM. Special talks by invited speakers may call for meetings on other days. The list is meant for the MIT community; we will accept subscriptions from researchers outside MIT on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to lead a discussion, email [ba-leted]. We welcome all topics in applied security, no matter how controversial or preliminary. The presented research need not be your own. For instance, you could simply present material from a topic you enjoy.

Past discussions

See our archive of past discussions from other semesters.

Mail archive

See the discuss to web gateway for our mail archive.


We have VHS tapes of some of our discussions. Email Kevin to borrow videos.

Call for papers

The following sites list timely and relevant CFPs for computer security and applied cryptography.


Who said that computer security is not photogenic?

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