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6.033 q2 review

There will be a quiz review from 7-9pm, Wednesday, April 12th. Room
2-190. During this time we will go over an outline of the covered
subjects and explain a few questions from the practice quizzes.

*** Please bring specific questions, as questions such as ``how does
    networking work?'' will be referred to the notes -- specific
    questions are much better!

We are aware that this quiz review time conflicts with some other
exams or reviews.  Unfortunately it is a busy week and there are
conflicts on tuesday as well, so we are sticking with this time.

Quiz announcement from web page:

Quiz 2 will be held from 2-3pm on Friday, April 14, 2000. The quiz
will cover all the material up to and including the April 11th
recitation (R18). The quiz will be open book and open notes meaning
that you can use any course materials from this year. The quiz will be
held in 4-270, 2-190, and 34-101. See the chart below to determine
which location you should go to for the quiz.

                                Last Name      Location
                                  A-D            4-270
                                  E-R           34-101
                                  S-Z            2-190

If you have a problem regarding the scheduling of the quiz, email
Professor Kaashoek at kaashoek@mit.edu

Douglas S. J. De Couto    decouto@lcs.mit.edu