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Recitation Assignments

Hi everyone,

I've just finished processing all the requests for recitation
assignments and changes that were received by e-mail today. Please
check the assignment list at
for the current list.

If your change was not processed, then the most likely reason is that
the section you wanted to move into was over-subscribed. If you have a
compelling conflict (e.g. a recitation assigned recently by another
class that can't be moved), we will move you. At this point, we are
discouraging other changes.

If you do have a conflict, are unlisted (or know someone who is), have
incorrect information listed, do not want your name publicly listed on
this page, or are dropping the class, please contact the 6.033-tas.

As a reminder, there is a special lecture from the Writing Program
tomorrow at 2pm which you should attend for hints on how to do the
one-page writing assignments. The first assignment is due in
recitation on Tuesday. You may want to regularly check the 6.033
homepage for any updates and announcements.