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Dec. 23: Quiz II solutions posted.

Dec. 16: Reminder: quiz 2 is this Friday (12/19) from 1:30-4:30p in 4-270. Quiz II from last year is available, but note that it doesn't cover the same material as this year.

Nov. 24: Lab 6 is posted. Note that if you are going to work with someone else, you must email us by Wednesday to tell us.

Nov. 15: New lab5b.tar.gz includes part B grade.sh, bug fix to user/init.c, and extra comments about a.out header and binary layout in user/spawn.c.

Nov. 9: New lab5.tar.gz adds some comments about null block pointers and the fact that fsipc_map takes a byte offset. Includes the usual BIOS files (an earlier version had mutant BIOS files that didn't work on one student's PC).

New lab5 text: mention you should copy your kern/trap.c, kern/sched.c, and user/fork.c into the new tree. Mention that you need to comment out the ENV_CREATE of fs/fs to appease Bochs when running the lab 4 tests.

Nov. 8: New lab5.tar.gz adds implementation of sys_ipc_can_send and sys_ipc_recv, as promised in lab text.

Nov. 7: Lab 5 is posted; see schedule.

Nov. 7: The better user/printf.c has been fixed yet again. Note the *buf = 0; in printnum.

Nov. 6: Use this better user/printf.c, which is safe to call from inside the user-level page fault handlers.

Oct. 27: New lab 4 grade script posted.

Oct. 27: Quiz I solutions posted.

Oct. 17: There will be no office hours on Tuesday October 21. The course staff will be out of town.

Oct. 17: Lab 4 is posted; see schedule.

Oct. 8: Lecture 9 notes available (including what we covered today); updated quiz 1 annoucement to reflect that Interprocess Communication (what should have been today's topic for Lecture 10) is not covered on quiz 1. We wil cover IPC at the beginning of Lecture 11.

Oct. 1: Lab 3 is posted; see schedule.

Sept. 24: Homework for lecture 7 posted (and lecture notes for lecture 6).

Sept. 17: Lab 2 is posted; see schedule.

Sept. 15: lecture 4 notes are posted; see schedule. We will cover the tail end of the notes in L6.

Sept. 11: Homeworks 4 and 5 are posted; see schedule.

Sept. 9: The 6.828 software is available for download to your Linux computer. Extract it, cd to 6.828, and run make install as root.

Sept. 8: Lab 1 is available; enjoy!

Sept. 5: Additional copies of Lions are available from the instrument room. If you don't have a coupon to buy your copy, you can obtain one from the course staff (NE43-522,523,521A).

Sept. 4: Lecture 1 notes available from schedule. (In general, you can find all assignments, notes, labs, etc., from the schedule page.)

Sept. 3: Lab 0 is available; enjoy!

Sept. 3: First 3 lecture/homework assignments posted; see schedule. click on L1, L2, and L3.

Sept. 1: Updated schedule available.

Aug. 2003: 6.828 has been approved for fall 2003 and you can now register!

July 2003: 6.097 has been renamed to 6.828.

Questions or comments regarding 6.828? Send e-mail to the TA at 6.828-staff@pdos.lcs.mit.edu.

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